Building a
of neighborhood

What Is Parsley

Parsley is about building a community of chefs and eaters.

At Parsley we want to empower chefs to reach their culinary potential.

Allow eaters to find unique local foods that fit in with their diet.

How It Works

Eaters can order a meal on Parsley from local chefs in their area. Parsley Chefs make meals across all cuisines and diets. Find your next culinary experience on Parsley!

How It Works

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Hear Our Testimonials

I'm obsessed with food, different cultures and spices and Parsley allows me to challenge myself in the kitchen! Parsley allows me to 'paint my plate' with creatives recipes and meals. Although I offer a full protein and veggie menu it is filled with healthier choices in ingredients whilst still remaining delicious and fulfilling!
Alexandra - Chef
We are a sister team who really enjoy working together and creating tasty, beautiful, homemade food for our friends and families! Between the two of us, we have a lot of experience, both at home and professionally. Parsley is the perfect outlet for us to do what we love, but on a much larger scale! We are excited that Parley allows us to share our food and passion with more people in our community.
Margery & Sarah - Chefs

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