Eat Good,
Do Good.

Why we created parsley

 We believe that food is the foundation of families. It creates relationships, opens up us to new cultures, and makes us happy. There are fantastic home chefs that make delicious, authentic, and healthy meals in every neighborhood in America. Parsley is a means to empower those chefs to share their food with their entire community. 

Our app is simple, chefs in your area post meals up for sale. Eaters can view their local schedule and look at the variety of meals and chefs in their local area. An eater can then place an order for a delicious meal directly in the app. Once that order is completed, our team at Parsley will, in parallel, donate a meal to those in need.  

Providing authentic dishes to eaters
helping fight against hunger in our community

Parsley is an app where home chefs can share their fantastic food with eaters looking to create new memories. From grandma’s world-famous pies to authentic tacos or a dish the world hasn’t seen yet, Parsley is the food marketplace for your community. If you’re a great home cook, a chef looking for a creative outlet, or just love food, sign up to be a Parsley Chef today!


Eating is just as much about the flavors as it is about nutrition. At Parsley, our chefs make meals across all different cuisines and diets. Parsley provides healthy and tasty meal options across dietary choices such as vegetarian, vegan, keto, kosher, halal, and many more! 



Eaters simply download and sign up on the app to see all the meals around them! Meals can be ordered the same day or in advance. Once you find a mouth-watering meal, it only takes 3 minutes to put in an order!

Chefs can sell excess food on-demand or have eaters preorder meals in advance. Meals then can be picked up by the eater or delivered through our partner, Favor. 

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Parsley partners with Feeding America

Our mission is to make world hunger a thing of the past. We are believers that change starts with us. Parsley donates a % of every meal completed on our platform to Feeding America. Feel good about every order on Parsley because you are helping those in need while enjoying a delicious meal.